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Self-Funded Analytics

Evaluate Your Client's Opportunity to Transition from a Fully-Insured to a Self-Funded Basis

Our actuarial team leverages data from more than 10M lives and over $100B in billed charges, is calibrated and customized to your client’s situation. The results can be used to quantify the average risk exposure of self-funding for each individual client. These analytics can be used even in the earliest stages of the evaluation process to assess your client’s risk and potential opportunity.

Evaluate Risk

Evaluates a group’s risk in terms of capital, expected return, and likelihood of beating a fully insured benchmark.

Analyze and Recommend

Analyzes and recommends the best risk structure for your clients, given a group’s risk tolerance and ests multiple stop loss scenarios to find the optimal outcome.


Assists clients with the decision as to whether the group should transition to self-funding or stay fully-insured.

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